For social events such as banquets, family-reunions and club parties we propose the „Schloss-Saal“, the „Schlossparkstube“
or the "Rotisserie".


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According to the occasion you will find

various settings



Our beautiful rotisserie (upper photo) on the ground floor with access to the terrace invites you to unforgettable culinary highlights in a noble atmosphere. Enjoy our cuisine with relatives, friends and other people you know. Not only the cooking and the view are first class, but also our friendly staff and the decorations are always inspiring.

The rotisserie is wheelchair-accessible, on the lake and garden side, daylighted, the lamps are dimmable, carpeted floors, the room is divisible and gives enough space for individual decoration.
From 50 persons · Banquet up to 120 persons · Cocktail-Party up to 150 persons



As it is located on the ground floor it is easily accessible for wheelchairs and it is situated on the garden side. The room is quite bright as it has a south-facing window, but it can also be darkened easily by day. The lights are dimmable. The room is carpeted, you can also use a piano, there are magnetic strips on the walls and the room offers enough space for individual decorations.


Smaller groups are possible · Banquets up to 50 persons · Cocktail-Parties up to 70 persons



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